headcanon: Eridan has blue-green color blindness

Actually, speaking of disability headcanons, did you know that the piebaldism/vitiligo traits combined with the heterochromia as I drew them are sometimes symptoms of Waardenburg syndrome, which is basically a genetic trait that passes down hearing problems?

Which, when I mentioned it to squigglehaunt, earned me the reaction that that could be an interesting parallel to his selective hearing abilities, haha.

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art theft


Hey so this human trash, namuzzaloveberry has stolen and re-posted my art. But it’s not just mine, PRETTY MUCH THEIR ENTIRE BLOG is unsourced and stolen artwork from what I can see.

Just a signal boost for any artists out there who draw one piece fanart. You might wanna take a gander over there.

So I followed the link on their blog to their Deviantart and this was on their profile


(via nightram)

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I’m too beat to be productive anyhow but picking up Fantasy Life was definitely counterproductive to getting shit done this game is a frigging black void sucking up time like crazy

it’s a lot of fun though, I especially like the crafting professions

I like the idea of humanstuck eridan being that one kid who comes to school in full formalwear or semiformal every day, just looking super tailored and expensive except for the stupid thrifty scarves and rings he swaps between all the time, none of which actually look even remotely expensive. Like, he’s the kind of dude who carries around these cheap knockoff pocketwatches to go with his fancy dark gray velvet blazer and has like ten different pairs of hipster glasses with obnoxiously coloured frames.

Like just, there he is, white blouse, blazer and freshly ironed slacks accentuated by neon pink hipster glasses, some cheap alice in wonderland themed pocketwatch in hand as he fiddles with his cheap, oversized rings (of which he has several handfuls, just for variety) and reties his grandmother’s-couch-salmon tone scarf. What a disaster.

(It’s unique individual expression, he squawks indignantly when Feferi asks if he picked the colours while wearing a blindfold.)

Anonymous says: Are you aware of the halloween askblog dance coming up?

I’m aware it’s there, yeah. I’m not participating though, I’ve done a few before and it’s not quite inspiring enough for me to want to try my hand at again.

Instead I’m thinking I’m gonna do my own little event, the trial of courage thing I mentioned a while back, and just focus on that instead of stressing over yet another dance.

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started doodling in the hopes of feeling a lil better but instead i just feel even more gross eugh im gonna lay down for a bit

in order to get my phone’s screen repaired i have to mail it to my parents’ so mom can take it to a repair store, and when we agreed that was gonna be what i needed to do my mom was like

okay i will call or text you when we get it in the mail

you will call or text me when you get my phone in the mail

good luck with that one mom

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my phone’s screen is in pieces


its always really weird for me to post non-homestuck stuff because Im halfway to typing the homestuck tag when i remember thats the wrong fandom

Ive been in this fandom too long

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It’s Kirihara’s birthday, apparently, so I drew a thing. His shirt reads killer tomato, because that’s what I call him when liveblogging tenipuri stuff to people who don’t know PoT. The killer tomato dude with the weird eyes. Sorry Akaya.