Shaeryl and Justizia from my story.

Shaeryl originally belongs to sturmschwinge but I have permission to use her. She is Justizia’s mommy. Both are blind. But at least you don’t have to yell at Justizia so she can hear you hahaha.

Don’t lose ‘Tizia in a snowstorm. You’ll never find her again.

Super satisfied with the designs by the way! This is what Justizia looked like back in 2010.

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Did they make it so the percentage requirements don’t roll over between new game + anymore? D:

Game percentage always carried over to new game plus, so I’m more irritated I can’t get 100% while my friend is here than anything else haha

mostly it’s that I have no idea what exactly I’ve missed, which will make the next playthrough a FIND THE MISSING % search

good times

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gods, I love me some ffx-2 but the % requirement is brutal and I musta missed like 5% by now

also I am still not sure why i didnt get the mission complete screen in Kilika cause I definitely should have

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RULES: fill in all the blanks and tag six people

1. name: Inez
2. birthday: June 25
3. favourite number(s):  7? 14? I don’t put a lot of import on any numbers…
4. height: 1,65 m
5. talents: Worldbuilding, but I’m also a decent artist and I’ve been told I’m pretty clever.
6. can you juggle?: Just don’t make me use more than four balls.
7. art/sports/both: Art, though I used to be a pretty sporty person. I still like running! I just can’t do a lot of it anymore.
8. do you like writing?: I… have a very strong love/hate relationship with writing. If drawing gets me insecure sometimes, then writing just has me twitchy most of the time. I still want to continue doing it though, so that’s kind of a paradox.
9. do you like dancing?: Hahaha no.
10. do you like singing?: Sure. I don’t do much of it anymore though, because I am paranoid about thin walls and bothering neighbours. I should pick it back up. I used to have a great singing voice.

1. dream vacation: Hmmmm, well I’ve always wanted to go to Monet’s garden, which my mom has promised me she’ll take me to see in spring next year, so that’s one off my bucketlist. Beyond that I’d like to see a rainforest at least once in my life. They’re all travel related because, well, I’m chronically ill. I don’t work. No work means no vacations more than it means vacations all the time, sadly.
2. dream partner: A stable, caring person who doesn’t mind my disability and can accept my generous dose of twitchy fancies. 
3. dream wedding: You know, I don’t actually actively contemplate any weddings I may or may not have. 
4. dream pet: Escher, but without the allergies. Otherwise, any cat who will actively cuddle with me (Cue insulted meows from the other side of the room). Or a Keeshond dog.
5. dream job: Anything I could feasibly do without my disability interfering? Basically, a non-existent job. I’ve been declared unfit for working. Thinking on what kind of job I want to do but can’t would be a waste of time.

1. favourite song: you mean like, what’s the last song I heard I liked? I’ve been playing FFX-2, so I’m going to say ‘1000 Words’ for now. Betcha it will be different tomorrow.
2. favourite album: Uhm. Man on the Rocks album, by Mike Oldfield.
3. last song you’ve heard on the radio: I do not remember.
4. least favourite song: Why would I have one.
5. least favourite album: This questionnaire has an unhealthy preoccupation with things I do not like, and assumes I put more thought into disliking these mundane things than I do.
6. least favourite artist: ?????????????????

1. guys/girls/others/all: I do not care

2. hair colour: Literally any hair colour can be pretty. Also there’s tons of dye. This is an outdated question.
3. eye colour: Why do these questions insist I must have a preference on all these odd things?
4. humorous/serious?: You know, I think that entirely depends on the person, but I don’t feel the two bite each other? Like, sure I need to be able to laugh with someone, but I also need to be able to discuss serious things so idk man I don’t really feel the need to prefer one or another. You’ll stick with what you end up with i guess.
5. taller/shorter: A better question would be if there are unattached people who genuinely think about all of this? Seems pretty hard to find literally anyone if you start keeping a checklist of what you want instead of just a small bullet list of things to avoid.
6. biggest turn off: Liars. Compulsive liars especially. Never again.
7. biggest turn on: I don’t really know. The sex thing isn’t really my thing. Unless we’re talking fanfiction in which case it’s literally just any of my rarepair otps doing things while written well enough that I don’t get jossed by weird characterization.

I’m tagging uh, vividescapist, miss-ari, squigglehaunt, yesthisishonk and whisklash?

Dualscar is like a pokemon, he evolves. WIPs because this is all I’m gonna do for today

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Fucking. Pineapple Dualscar. Je suis un ananaspora.

you guys are adorable stop that

im gonna walk over to esc and hug her right now just to spite you

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of course drawing all important life stages includes pineapple dualscar from way back 

its been so long since i drew this little snotbag

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I’m doodling the different life-stages of ATVM Orphaner Dualscar and keeping them all in one file for height reference, and he is kind of like a pokemon like this

be there in three seconds

You’re a huge nerd and I love you.