zeekappa whispered:
You are hereby greeted by the almighty cucumber banana


long and kind of sideways

1. First impression: oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit
2. Truth is: ahahahah oh man look at this giant nerd right here shes great who allowed this 
3. How old do you look: 20??????????????
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yE
5. Have you ever made me mad: nah man
6. Best feature: you’re very nice and very reasonable and you’re diggity dang good at the shit you do like woah
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: pROBABLY YEAH???????
8. You’re my: friendobanana
9. Name in my phone: i dont have you on my phone feel blessed
10. Should you post this too? YEEEEEEEE

I like how i went from ‘oh shit’ to huge nerd, i am character development incarnate

Anonymous whispered:
I actually had a bloodline of yellowbloods like that (the cannibalism thing you just posted)! Except it was like absorbing their power as well as their life. It mostly occurred because they were based around carrion-eating birds.

ohhh that sounds interesting!

My post was actually mostly playing on the old superstition that eating the flesh of a mermaid is supposed to grant one immortality x) and since seadwellers are pretty close to mermaids in both name and function… Whether it would actually work remains up for debate of course.

Fun idea: a lowblood cult on alternia the believers of which believe they can attain a longer lifespan by killing and eating seadwellers

i found my old rollercoaster tycoon games so I’ve been playing a bit and I just had this really old memory of something i used to do in the game

like, the little humans running around have this specific array of colours their clothes are made of right? And one of those colours is this awkward bra-fleshtone. And sometimes the little npc guys have the misfortune of having the same colour pants and shirt, even more unfortunate if they’re pantsed and shirted in whitey-fleshtone. And as a kid I would condemn these people for coming to my park naked and have this little road square in the corner of the park with a little water moat around it where i would lock them up forever.

I dont know why i felt like sharing this with you, but there you have it. My childhood.

i read that as bronies i am so sorry

The irony is that I literally had a conversation on how weird and creepy brony culture is like not even half an hour ago

God i love bronus

you know who i wanna see on paradoxspace?



You look lovvely in the firelight.

My Secret Santa picture for Zee!
Merry Christmas~


You look lovvely in the firelight.

My Secret Santa picture for Zee!

Merry Christmas~


How dutch

Im sorry i can only garbled pseudo dutch/english gibberish

Yes zee, in the midst of trying to finish a fanfic and working on comic stuff is TOTALLY when you should be thinking of original story ideas what a great idea


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