Final stage shipster

Zee, 22, she/her pronouns, problematically passionate about aliens kissing.

I have attained shipstertier. There is no hope for me now.

This is my personal blog, where I blog personal stuff and a lot of Homestuck. Sometimes I participate in memes, which I tag 'zee memes'.

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okay now that I have finished my super complex, crisp lineart for a collab I should probably try my hand at writing once again because it’s been too long

/eyes mass effect game

recently my mom replaced her 10+ years old cellphone with a new smartphone and she is fawning over how great whatsapp is but really all she does with it is send me ridiculous messages and bad puns

I literally vacuumed yesterday so why is everything absolutely shrouded in clouds of cat hair

I should work on IDN, but then I also kinda wanna work on something eridave because I am short on otp…


Cloudy with a 16% chance of rain, my phone tells me

it’s raining outside

According to my phone it is now slightly cloudy, with an 18% chance of rain

In the meanwhile the weather outside has grown into a thunderstorm, lightning, thunder and hail included

Cloudy with a 16% chance of rain, my phone tells me

it’s raining outside

posting art on tumblr means anywhere up to 250 notes (but usually much less) on art I am really proud of, 300+ notes on shit I doodled in less than half an hour, and 2300+ notes on that one time I made an erisol joke on my nsfw blog that took about three minutes to draw


"from this point on i will only draw bald people" I say every single time I draw a character with long hair, only to draw more characters with long hair only a few days later

I’ve been off birth control for a little over a week now and I am more or less human again after two and a half months of being lethargic and unmotivated. Really just glad that whole ordeal is over with now.

liasangria said: I’m interested, but it would have to be mid-August for me (when hswc is over).

That would be awesome! Just let me know when you have time :>